Key Issues

Economic Growth

Andrew believes that small business is crucial for the success of our city. Whether it be improving access to childcare to right-sizing regulations, Andrew will be a thoughtful advocate for local commerce. Andrew will work to ensure Duluth is a great place for employees and employers alike.

Affordable Housing & Homelessness

All Duluthians need a home. Andrew will be a passionate supporter of measures that make construction of new housing easier. Andrew wants to make sure every single homeowner and renter in our community can access the federal and state resources they deserve to remain housed. Most importantly, Andrew will be a determined advocate for ending local homelessness.

Infrastructure & Public Assests

From ski hills to golf courses, Duluth faces a crucial challenge to balance services with financial prudence. Andrew will ensure taxpayer funds are invested wisely in assets that truly increase the quality of life for Duluthians.

Public Safety

Trust between citizens and law enforcement is a cruicial foundation for any successful community. Andrew will work to strengthen this relationship and facilitate productive dialogues about public safety. On the council, Andrew's priorities will be a police department that is accountable, professional, and has the appropriate level of resources it needs to serve our neighborhoods.