Jarocki Endorsed by DNT

The Duluth News Tribune has endorsed Andrew Jarocki for Duluth City Council! The paper’s endorsement described Andrew Jarocki as an “issues-sharp” and “devoted-to-the-community candidate” that “voters can advance.”

“I think Duluth, actually, more so than any other city in America right now, is poised to have an incredible recovery from the pandemic,” Jarocki said in an interview this summer with the News Tribune Editorial Board. “(Duluth) has all the ingredients to be a place where people want to live. It has an incredible community; incredible natural assets, of course; (and) beautiful, picturesque views. … I want to make it a great place to live, to send your kids to school, to pay taxes, to vote, and to be a citizen.”

“How can we find a way to address (Duluth’s challenges) in a way that inspires other businesses to see this is a community where solutions happen and business works well with the city, and, as a result, causes more good-paying jobs to come into our market and to help our families?” Jarocki asked.

Read the whole endorsement here: https://www.duluthnewstribune.com/opinion/editorials/7120778-Our-View-Endorsement-Jarocki-Zbaracki-emerge-for-City-Council-District-2