Andrew’s DNT Candidate’s View

Thank you to the Duluth News Tribune for helping educate Northland voters through their candidate’s view feature.
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Duluth is being noticed. Talk to any real estate agent, and they’ll confirm that demand for homes in our beautiful city is red hot. In the telework era, families throughout the state and country are now seriously considering making Duluth their home. How can we attract them to our community?

I am running for City Council because I believe in three simple ideas: Duluth should be the best place, anywhere in the world, to raise a family, to find a job, and to open a business.

Our local leaders must be champions for local families. On the council, I will advocate for using some of the city’s $58.1 million in federal relief funds to improve child care access for all Duluth parents.

Housing affordability will also be a top priority for me, as every family needs a home. I will work for a zoning system and building code that increases housing stock. I support innovative ideas like tiny homes that help to house more families without harming the integrity of neighborhoods.

Our neighborhoods also deserve public safety. I believe our law enforcement needs adequate resources to protect Duluthians, but I also believe that public funds must come with strict accountability. I support expanded citizen oversight and extensive officer training in de-escalation tactics and bias recognition. As councilor, I will make sure we have a fair and professional police department that is a source of pride for all Duluthians.

After helping families, the next most important duty of the council should be to attract good-paying jobs to our community. The website WalletHub ranked Duluth as the 1,082nd best out of 1,337 small cities in America to start a business in 2021. Can we do better? Absolutely.

Our City Council can help job creators succeed by investing in infrastructure (let’s fill those potholes!) and by right-sizing the city’s regulations or taxes as needed.

The noticeable increase in panhandling downtown is a reminder that we must achieve a more vibrant local economy that provides opportunities for all.

Lastly, I will ensure our council is attentive to the needs of the local business community. For example, business leaders in town have explained to me that unhoused individuals in Canal Park negatively impact storefronts and drive away visitors. I will deepen the coordination between the council and service providers, using another portion of our federal funding if necessary. This vulnerable population deserves a sustainable and humane solution, while every shop deserves a peaceful and safe experience operating in our city.

A council that can effectively work with business to solve local needs will further attract more business, a win-win for employers and employees alike.

I am excited to get to work on these challenges and the unexpected ones we can’t foresee. No matter what, I will always listen attentively to every neighbor. I believe local public service should always rise above partisan divides.

I’m a lifelong Duluthian. You can usually find me enjoying one of our city’s world-class parks or biking the Lakewalk. My deep passion for our shared home drives me to serve it. I am ready to be a tireless advocate for our community’s long-term interests on the City Council.

Let’s make Duluth the best place in the world to raise a family, find a job, and open a business!